i-like Grand Convention 2017

First i-like Convention
On saturday 14.october 2017 we celibrated the first i-like Convention. During this occasion some top speakers from different scientific backgrounds were invited through the extensive i-like Network of collaborators, experts,researchers from different Universities throughout Europe. The convention took place in the famous monastery "Kartause Ittingen". The environment helped to underlign the special values and spirit, related to I-like. The whole day visitors were confronted with knowledge regarding the domain of "Wellbeing" and the slogan of the day was : "Lovely we exist"

With the i-like vision : "Helping people to help themselves " we leave an impact.

The speakers

Network-Karriere Award 2017 During this first Convention Dr. Gruber recieved
the important special award 2017 of "Network Karriere"

Quote of Network Karriere october 2017:
If some one like Dr. Alfred Gruber achieves with i-like, in Networkmarketing and product development, a very exceptionnel result, he deserves to be honoured with the Special Network Karriere Award 2017. During the Convention Bernd Seitz the editor of Network Karriere gave an inspiring Laudatio confirming his enthousiasm regarding the i-like technology, transforming e- smog into positive energy.

Newspaper article


Network-Karriere - Europes biggest Economy Magazine regarding Direct Sales

i-like special edition



i-like wants to help human beings to increase

their sense of wellbeing through a dynamic and vital way of living.

i-like wants to help human beings to increase their sense of wellbeing through a dynamic and vital way of living. The development of bioresonance technology, together with St Elisabeth University and the medical Campus in Berlin and Luzern, plus many other institutions, enhance the potential of i-likes vision and strength. The challenges we are and will be facing are huge, i-like is seeing them and facing the task.

Already today many thousand people are users of i-like products. The knowledge gained through this field experience, the testimonials are helping i-like to grow and advance.




All this and much more could be discovered at the:

i-like Convention 2017

Not only the different speeches, but the whole i-like world,
could be experienced. Products were tested, new products presented, plus awards were given to the distributors.
An Event were the dimension of i-like could be touched and lived directly.

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