Active whitening, black bamboo charcoal toothpaste. The active ion, high-adsorption cleaning of the bamboo charcoal can remove teeth discoloration due to smoking, tea or other reasons.

Content: 160 g

Delivery interruption, expected to be available again from the end of November 2023.

Product details

The oral cavity, with its body temperature, saliva and endless nooks, provides good living conditions for microorganisms, which remain balanced under natural conditions. This balance must be held and favoured because oral health is significantly influenced by the nature of the oral bacterial flora (bacterial colonization in the mouth).

The new i-like oral care has been designed to actively support the maintenance of this balance. High-quality ingredients in our care products actively promote your balance. For a radiant smile and a fresh breath.

Moreover, the i-like bamboo toothpaste offers the following benefits:

  • active whitening, black bamboo charcoal toothpaste
  • comprehensive care for your teeth
  • fights plaque and gives long-lasting freshness
  • molecular care and protection for the gums
  • natural white and a confident smile
  • free of fluoride
  • fresh breath
  • restores the natural whiteness of the teeth
  • promotes a vital gum

Water, Bamboo charcoal C active ion, Bamboo charcoal powder, Holly plant, Pearl calcium powder, Natural plant extract, Calcium carbonate, Hydrated silica, Food flavor, Cellulose gum, Glycerin, Sorbitol